All About Our Designers – Part 1

When you think about weddings, what do you typically think of? Most people would say the wedding gown, or anything that relates to bridal. This is because the bride is the one who is in charge of most of the wedding planning, not to mention the center of attention when the wedding day comes! Since the dress is normally the first thing on that long list of “To-Do’s” I have decided to do a blogging series on all of the designers that we carry here at Lillian Lottie Couture so that you can get to know each of the designers and where they come from so that you have a better idea of what type of “feel” you want for your wedding gown! Feel free to leave comments about what it is that you like about each designer, and if you have already tried these designers, share with our followers what impressed you most about the gown, whether it was the fabric used, feeling of the dress itself, color, or price!


Our first designer we will cover is Allure Bridal. Allure has been in the bridal industry for many years, 1998 to be exact! Allure produced their first gown in 1998 under a collection that was unadvertised, Exclusive Bridals. From then on, Allure Bridals was recognized for exquisite beading and well-structured wedding gowns and quickly gained that reputation. Now, the designer has multiple different brands, Allure Bridals brand, the Allure Couture collection, Allure Romance, Allure Modest, Allure Woman, Bridesmaids, Allure Quinceanera, and Night Moves by Allure.

Allure Bridals is inspired by real brides and each of their gowns are hand-beaded and embroidered with great sophistication to cater to the unique styles of every bride. Quality fabrics and Swarovski crystal detailing when combined with stylish necklines and classic silhouettes make each dress one-of-a-kind! Each dress starts at the foundation, and in 2003, Allure introduced the Allure Construction. This is a patented design built-in corset top what provides the signature fit and structure so when you walk down the aisle you can do so in confidence.

As Allure Bridal has been growing each year, in January of 2011, their company moved to a brand new 53,000 square foot state-of-the-art headquarters in Memphis, TN. With this huge space, they have room to grow into with a focused and devoted staff as they expand into the new styles and designs of future bridal.


If you really enjoy this type of dress, call us today to set up an appointment to try on an Allure Bridal gown!

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Photos from: Allure Bridal Website


Tuxes and Suits for Your Big Day

We are so beyond excited to announce our partnership with Jim’s Formal Wear in bringing you the finest in Tuxes and Suits for the men of your wedding. They offer convenience for you and your out of town guests and cater to your needs. With over 200 colors to choose from, we are sure to find you the best color to compliment your bridesmaids and all the other colors associated with your wedding. All you need to do is come in a choose what you want with one of our all-inclusive packages and get measured! We do the rest for you! We have samples here in the store so you know what you are getting.

Below are some photos of the tuxes and suits that we can order for you to coordinate with you and your whole wedding party and family…

Jims Formal Diamond Plus

The Diamond Plus Collection features this Manhattan style tailored in Super 130’s fabric. It is a 30″ length. two button, single breasted with a non-vented back. With the Super 130’s wool you get the most comfortable fit and feel available!  This tux features a slimmer satin notch lapel and satin double besom pockets. This tux is also featured as a slim fit which is this seasons most popular fit. Includes matching modern slim fit pants with a beaded stripe.

Jims Formal Diamond 1   Jims Formal Diamond 2

Both of these tuxes are featured in the Diamond Collection. The one on the left is a Grey Dillon style and is a slim fit (again, this seasons most popular fit), and is a two button, single breasted styling with a side-vented back. This features a slimmer notch lapel, double-besom pockets and bone buttons. Includes modern slim fit pants. The tux on the right is also a slim fit and is a 30″ length, two button, single breasted styling with a side-vented back. The jacket is a notch lapel, double-besom pockets and bone buttons.Includes modern slim fit pants.

Jims Formal Platnum 1   Jims Formal Platnum 2

These next two tuxes are featured in the Platinum Collection. The one on the left is a La Strada style in a modern fit and is a 31 1/2″ length, two button, single breasted with a non-vented back. This style features a unique satin-framed lapel and satin covered buttons. Includes pleated pants in ivory or black. The one on the right is a Republic Style with a 31 1/2″ length, two-button, single breasted styling with a non-vented back. Features satin notched lapels and satin covered buttons. Includes black pleated pants.

Jims Formal Gold 2   Jims Formal Gold 1

These two tuxes are from the Gold Collection. The style on the left is a the Trilogy II and is a modern fit. This coat is a 31 1/2″ length, two button, single breasted styling with a non-vented back. Featured a self-framed satin lapel and satin covered buttons. This style also includes black pleated pants.The style on the right is a White Troy Fulldress. It features a 39″ length, six button fulldress styling with a center vented tail. Also features a premium satin notch lapel and shown with a Dot Cummerbund and bow tie. Includes white pleated formal trousers.

Jims Formal Silver 1   Jims Formal Silver 2

These two tuxes are featured in the Silver Collection. The one on the left is a Classic Notch Tuxedo, is a traditional fit and features a 31 1/2″ length, one button, single breasted styling with a non-vented back. Features a satin notch lapel and satin covered buttons. Includes black pleated formal pants. The one on the right is a Classic Notch Fulldress, is a traditional fit, and has a 42″ length, six-button fulldress styling with a center vented tail. Features a premium grade satin notch lapel and satin covered buttons. Includes black pleated pants.

As we have just featured some of the popular styles for Jim’s Formal Wear, we would love for you to come in and look at some of these and a whole lot more! Once you purchase your gown with Lillian Lottie Couture, your men can choose from either $40 off of each tux/suit rental or when you rent 6 or more your groom receives a free rental!

Call us today to come in and check them out!! 480.941.6041

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Private Label by G

Just Arrived! All of the following dresses are all Private Label by G gowns that we just got in today!  Call today to try it on! 480.941.6041


This gown is a natural waist with beading and lace and comes in white or ivory! It is under $1200. It also has a corset back.


This next dress is a mermaid fit with lace and tulle. The dress comes in white and ivory and the sash comes in white, ivory, black, or red! This also has a corset back.

1486 1486. 1486..

Another Private Label by G  dress, dropped waist with ruffles and beading. Comes in white and ivory. Semi-cathedral length train with a corset back.

1500 1500. 1500..

This dress is an A-Line gown with lace and an attached sash. Comes with the bolero covering and has a corset back.

1510  1510.1510..

Another dropped waist gown with embroidered beading. Tulle skirt and satin bodice. Also has a corset back.

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How To Lace up a Corset Back

There are a lot of wedding gowns that have the “corset back” on them. Most brides love these because it helps shape the dress and gives a more snug fit. Sometimes the corset back can be hard to figure out, and when you are rushed to get the bride in her gown, it can be a little stressful! We have provided detailed “How-To” to help you out!

Most dresses will have a couple different layers of fabric, so make sure to pull down all the layers, the lining, crinoline, and overlays. Then the corset should have snaps/hooks to hold the back panel in place while you lace up…


Then begin by pulling all of the string out of the loops of the dress, and then reinsert the string on both sides by going over the loop like shown below. Then pull both sides tight! Remember to keep both sides even so that when you get to the end you have both equal amounts of string.


The next step is to pull the stings through each loop hole going one at a time on each side, switching off. Make sure to keep the stings straight when doing this, so that they look neat. It is harder to straighten them once you are done lacing, so save yourself some time and do it as you you!


Once you get to the end of your lacing, start to tighten the stings up so that it fits snug but comfortable.


When you are done tightening up the stings, tie a knot at the end so it doesn’t loosen up throughout the rest of the wedding. Then reach up the dress to grab the strings and pull them down dress. If they are too long once they are down, you may cut them shorter at this point.


Once you are done, your finished dress should look like this..


Congratulations on your big day and enjoy every minute of it!

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5 Ways to Wear Your Veil

Veils have been a tradition among most cultures and families for many years. Today, I am going to show you five different ways that veils are worn.

The Birdcage Veil

Birdcage veil

This veil is more popular with delicate bridal gowns and vintage themed weddings. You can find these veils at most bridal shops and on

Unique Styled

tied veil

The brides who are more creative and like little thought out touches, can wear their veils in the photo above. To do this, you will need a longer veil, such as a fingertip length or longer.

The Blusher

veil with blusher

This way of wearing your veil with a “blusher” that hangs over your face. Many brides traditionally wear the blusher as a symbol representing the purity of the bride and the “unveiling” of her. The father would normally pull back the blusher as he gives his daughter away to her new husband.

The Single Tier Veil 

Single teir veil

If you are looking for a veil that is not going to be in your face for most of your wedding, a single tier veil is probably your best bet as it traditionally is worn behind your shoulders. If you have an up-do for your hairstyle it would be beneficial to wear the veil under the detail of your hair.

The Cathedral Length Veil

cathedral length with lace

This style of veil is a very traditional style as well. It adds so much drama to the dress and makes for beautiful photos!

I hope that you have a little more clarity on what you envision more for your veil on your big day! Here at Lillian Lottie we have all of these styles, plus so much more!

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Meet our Consultants

We have a great team of bridal consultants here at Lillian Lottie who love the bridal world and are excited to help you find your wedding gown!


Meet Dayna,

Dayna is an Arizona native from Prescott. She went to school in Flagstaff at Northern Arizona University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Merchandising. She then moved down to Scottsdale and has been sharing her love of bridal with the world ever since! When she is not helping brides, she enjoys hiking, hanging out with friends, and listening to country music.


Meet Jenna,

Jenna is a southern California girl at heart, but she moved to Arizona with her family when she was just 11 years old. In 2010 she graduated from Avalon school of cosmetology, but her real passion lies in makeup artistry. In her spare time she loves playing around with new makeup products and styling client’s hair. She enjoys making her brides feel beautiful from the dress, to the up-do, to their makeup.


Meet Elise,

Elise was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and graduated with her associates in fashion merchandising and image consulting at Mesa Community College. On her days off she loves grabbing some sushi at happy hour and shopping for home décor to decorate her new apartment.


Meet Cammie,

Cammie moved around before she settled in Phoenix to Kansas, Washington, Boston, and Dallas. Once she moved to Arizona, she went to school in wedding planning and then started her own business in wedding planning with Plan Simplicity Events. When she isn’t working at both Lillian Lottie and her own business, she loves to go country dancing with her husband at a local country bar.


Meet Hannah,

Hannah was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. She graduated from Mesa Community College with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. She enjoys sketching wedding gowns and hopes to one day have a collection of her own. She is married to a wonderful husband for three years and enjoys spending time with him.


Meet Jessica,

Jessica was born in California, but raised in Arizona since she was 2 years old. She recently graduated from Mesa community college with an associates in fine arts and is continuing her education to obtain her bachelors in communication with a minor in public relations. Her public relations background makes her a great bridal consultant. In her spare time she enjoys movies, reading books, hiking, and baking! She is spunky and feisty as well!

Come in to Lillian Lottie Couture to meet our consultants and find your wedding gown!

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Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue is a tale as old as time! Brides around the world have followed this tradition for years, but how does one go about incorporating something blue into the mix?  There are so many creative outlets we can use for integrating something blue, it’s just about finding that diamond in the rough…kind of like that special someone 😉

Dress, shoes, and jewelry….check! Now it’s time to blue these three items up. Brides, let’s get bold and sassy, bridal shoes can be blue. Here at Lillian Lottie Couture we carry Allure Sunrise shoes in a baby blue, if one isn’t feeling brave enough to do that don’t worry we can just add blue “I do” decals to the bottom of your wedding shoes. The blue “I do” decals are just $12. 


Next stop jewelry and accessories, ladies don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown and dress up that gorgeous gown with some blue earrings, a blue necklace or even a blue sash. Sashes are easy, make a pit stop at your nearest Joann’s and pick up some blue ribbon.


But wait, don’t forget about your wedding dress! I know what you’re thinking “how am I supposed to add blue into my wedding dress, are you crazy?” No I’m not, our seamstresses at Lillian Lottie Couture can be your fairy godmother so you feel exactly like Cinderella on your special day. Take out that ivory tulle underneath that ball gown and add some spunky blue or sew that wedding date in, in blue of course, into the lining of your dress. Brides, it’s the one day you get to dress like a queen…unless you are the queen, so I say go big or go home!


Ladies, when the special day arrives, put on those glittery blue shoes, zip up your dress with a light blue zipper or corset ties, and don’t forget to smile because remember through all the ups and downs of planning the wedding your dreams have come true. In the end all that matters is that you’re marrying your prince charming. 

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Image Post by: Elise

The History of the Wedding Gown

Every bride has a different preference and idea on what they envision for their wedding day. When they come in to a bridal shop the bride and her entourage, whether it is her family and/or friends, they either have a good idea of what they envision or they have no clue. That’s where the bridal consultant comes in and listens to what they like and dislike and start looking for that perfect gown!

Color, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the bride and groom and their families. In today’s day and age, white or ivory are the most popular colors to get a wedding gown in. Both are very traditional and symbolized a pure soul. The weddings in the middle ages were more than just bringing together two people, but rather two families, two businesses, or even two countries. In the higher social classes in this time, weddings were more about politics than about love between the two. The bride was dressed in rich colors and fabrics because she was not only representing herself but also her family. The most common materials used were bold colors and layers of furs, velvet and silk.

The Roaring 1920’s

A fashion designer by the name of Coco Chanel from France made a certain style popular with a shorter style in the front and a longer tulle train in the back. This is where we get our style of the “hi-low” dresses today. Dresses were also more of the straight lace look rather than the traditional ball gown look. This is also the time period after woman finally had the right to vote after August 1920.

hi low 1920s gown

The 1930’s

During the 1930’s is when World War II was taking place and also the time of the depression. Most brides felt bad spending a lot of money on an expensive wedding gown and they tended to lean more towards business suit type of dresses or very simple floor length gowns. Wallis Warfield married King Edward the VIII of Britain in 1937 in a suit jacket type of dress shown in the photo below.

Wallis warfeild wedding gown

The 1940’s

After the World War II ended in 1945, women were beginning to like more ornate type of dresses with more embroidered beading on them. November 20, 1097, Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and wore a heavily embroidered wedding gown with a long train and many appliqués. The reason Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding dress was very influential over any other royal wedding dress was because it was the first royal wedding recorded on film.

queen elizabeth 2 wedding gown

The 1950’s

In the 1950’s the poodle skirt craze had an influence on the wedding gowns with more fun, flirty, and fuller dresses. Audrey Hepburn wore numerous wedding gowns in her movies and in her real wedding. The movie Sabine, in 1954, is when she wore a white strapless gown with black embroidery, and in another movie she wore a full tulle over chiffon dress that was tea length with a scoop neck bodice and cap sleeves. The first wedding she had she wore a high collar faux button-up bodice wedding gown with a full short skirt.

Audrey-Hepburn-first wedding gown

The 1960’s

On May 1, 1967, Pricilla Presley married Elvis Presley in a long white chiffon dress with long lace sleeves and wore a big poufy white veil. Her photo is below with Elvis Presley.

pricilla presleu

The 1980’s

One of the most famous princesses set the style for the 1980’s with a royal wedding gown designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. This was Princess Diana. Everyone fell in love with her floor length satin gown with poufy shoulders. Her train was a massive 26 feet long with lots of applique! The entire bodice and skirt of the dress was embroidered with lace and had lace trim along the hem of the gown.

Image: Princess Of Wales

The 2000’s

In the 2000’s wedding gowns took on a whole different look with many different styles. Some women prefer to have traditional ball gowns, some like elegant lace, and some just have a totally different style! Whatever the celebrities are wearing mainly reflects what the rest of the country is wearing.

 katie-holmes-wedding-dress   longoria-parker-278x400


The most popular style today is lace and mermaid shape! Most brides have fallen in love with the vintage styled lace in ivory or champagne colors. More and more brides are gravitating more towards those colors rather than the white because those colors look great on most skin types. Raw edges, modern shapes, and vintage style are all combining this year and look great in the type of weddings most brides have themes for.

Here at Lillian Lottie, we cater to many different styles and have a wide range of dresses to fit your taste, whether it is vintage lace, poufy ball gown, or bringing a style from previous years back, we’ve got it!

MAGGIE SOTTERO   kim-kardashian-wedding-dresses

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Clarice – Maggie Sotterro


Clarice – Maggie Sotterro

Simplistic elegance in Gossamer Chiffon, this style features a ruched bodice intersecting into a knotted detail at the side hip and center back. The slim A-line skirt is softly gathered providing incredible floating movement.

We have our new sample of Clarice by Maggie Sotterro to try on now! We think this dress is great for any body to wear on her big day! We carry it in Ivory here in the store but you can order it in white as well. The corset ties in the back of the dress to make it a snug fit to show off all of your curves. Most women who try this dress on love the way that it hugs them and make them feel. Some of the brides that have worn this have been married on a beach or in a garden, mainly outdoor venues, although it would work great indoors as well.

Bride in Clarice hanging clariceback of claricelacing up clarice

Come in and try this dress on with us here at Lillian Lottie Couture.

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