How To Lace up a Corset Back

There are a lot of wedding gowns that have the “corset back” on them. Most brides love these because it helps shape the dress and gives a more snug fit. Sometimes the corset back can be hard to figure out, and when you are rushed to get the bride in her gown, it can be a little stressful! We have provided detailed “How-To” to help you out!

Most dresses will have a couple different layers of fabric, so make sure to pull down all the layers, the lining, crinoline, and overlays. Then the corset should have snaps/hooks to hold the back panel in place while you lace up…


Then begin by pulling all of the string out of the loops of the dress, and then reinsert the string on both sides by going over the loop like shown below. Then pull both sides tight! Remember to keep both sides even so that when you get to the end you have both equal amounts of string.


The next step is to pull the stings through each loop hole going one at a time on each side, switching off. Make sure to keep the stings straight when doing this, so that they look neat. It is harder to straighten them once you are done lacing, so save yourself some time and do it as you you!


Once you get to the end of your lacing, start to tighten the stings up so that it fits snug but comfortable.


When you are done tightening up the stings, tie a knot at the end so it doesn’t loosen up throughout the rest of the wedding. Then reach up the dress to grab the strings and pull them down dress. If they are too long once they are down, you may cut them shorter at this point.


Once you are done, your finished dress should look like this..


Congratulations on your big day and enjoy every minute of it!

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Post by: Cammie



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