All About Our Designers – Part 1

When you think about weddings, what do you typically think of? Most people would say the wedding gown, or anything that relates to bridal. This is because the bride is the one who is in charge of most of the wedding planning, not to mention the center of attention when the wedding day comes! Since the dress is normally the first thing on that long list of “To-Do’s” I have decided to do a blogging series on all of the designers that we carry here at Lillian Lottie Couture so that you can get to know each of the designers and where they come from so that you have a better idea of what type of “feel” you want for your wedding gown! Feel free to leave comments about what it is that you like about each designer, and if you have already tried these designers, share with our followers what impressed you most about the gown, whether it was the fabric used, feeling of the dress itself, color, or price!


Our first designer we will cover is Allure Bridal. Allure has been in the bridal industry for many years, 1998 to be exact! Allure produced their first gown in 1998 under a collection that was unadvertised, Exclusive Bridals. From then on, Allure Bridals was recognized for exquisite beading and well-structured wedding gowns and quickly gained that reputation. Now, the designer has multiple different brands, Allure Bridals brand, the Allure Couture collection, Allure Romance, Allure Modest, Allure Woman, Bridesmaids, Allure Quinceanera, and Night Moves by Allure.

Allure Bridals is inspired by real brides and each of their gowns are hand-beaded and embroidered with great sophistication to cater to the unique styles of every bride. Quality fabrics and Swarovski crystal detailing when combined with stylish necklines and classic silhouettes make each dress one-of-a-kind! Each dress starts at the foundation, and in 2003, Allure introduced the Allure Construction. This is a patented design built-in corset top what provides the signature fit and structure so when you walk down the aisle you can do so in confidence.

As Allure Bridal has been growing each year, in January of 2011, their company moved to a brand new 53,000 square foot state-of-the-art headquarters in Memphis, TN. With this huge space, they have room to grow into with a focused and devoted staff as they expand into the new styles and designs of future bridal.


If you really enjoy this type of dress, call us today to set up an appointment to try on an Allure Bridal gown!

Lillian Lottie Couture
Tel. 480.941.6041


8100 E. Indian School Rd. #110

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Post by: Cammie

Photos from: Allure Bridal Website


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